Bozeman's Christmas Stroll is the ultimate kickoff to the holiday season in the Gallatin Valley. Downtown Bozeman transforms into a Christmas wonderland, fully decorated and packed with festive activities for blocks.

As much fun as the Christmas Stroll is, it's also a VERY busy event with thousands of people in attendance. The great news is - there are tons of easy tips and tricks you can use to make the evening packed with fun...and no headaches. Plus, we've got the full list of activities at the Stroll listed below.

Don't forget, although it's free to attend the Downtown Bozeman Christmas Stroll, you can help support this fantastic event by buying a Stroll Button at sponsor retailers on Main Street for just $4. Let's help keep this holiday tradition vibrant and alive for years to come!

LEAVE THE DOGS AT HOME: This tip goes hand in hand with how crowded downtown gets during the stroll. It's not an appropriate space for dogs, not to mention how many little kids will be there. The Stroll can be a whirlwind of over stimulus for adults, let alone animals.

WALK OR GET DROPPED OFF IF YOU CAN: It's not always practical to walk to the Stroll, if you's awesome not to have to deal with parking. Even though there are lots and the parking garage, the Stroll is such a big event that avoiding parking is great if you can.

GETTING AN UBER IS ANOTHER GREAT OPTION: If getting an Uber or Lyft is feasible for you, it's also worth it. To make it even easier for you (and the driver), get dropped off and picked up a couple of blocks off of Main Street to avoid traffic and vendor set-up. This is ESPECIALLY true when it's time to leave the Stroll...I'll walk a few blocks in any direction before confirming a ride.

WEAR A HAT AND GLOVES YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT: Sounds weird, but hear me out. As someone who has lost a wardrobe full of accessories, events that are as busy as the Stroll are prime targets to lose or drop stuff. If you plan on doing some shopping or being in and out of bars, trust'll be less mad if you happen to lose a glove you don't really like anyway :-)

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BRING LOTS OF SMALL BILLS ($5 and $10): If you plan on buying food and drinks from the vendors on the street, I've found it easier to have plenty of smaller bills and just pay for things in cash and not have to get money back after I tip. Sure, almost every vendor can take a card, but it can save everyone time and keep the lines moving quickly without using plastic. Just my 2 cents.

KEEPS THE KIDDOS CLOSE: As discussed, the Stroll is VERY busy and filled with fun distractions. If your kids are prone to wandering off, the Stroll is not the ideal place. Yes, the Stroll is a family event with most of the activities geared specifically for kiddos, it's just very crowded so keep your eyes peeled.

HEAD DOWNTOWN EARLY AN ENJOY A MEAL OR SOME DRINKS: Beat the crowds a bit by gathering your friends and have an early dinner at one of the fine restaurants in the downtown area. Lots of them have specials on Stroll day - and that goes for the retailers too!

DON'T SKIP THE NON-PROFIT BOOTHS: You'll see a wide variety of non-profit organizations set up at the Stroll, and don't you dare stroll past them. Almost all of them have something fun set up like a game or have things to give away, or even big prizes to register for. Especially if you're new to town, spend a few minutes chatting with them about what they do - it might be your next local calling.

Stroll Activities - Bozeman DBA
Stroll Activities - Bozeman DBA

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