This week I want to introduce to you, Poppy.

Poppy's story is sad, but there is always the ability to give Poppy the happy ending she deserves.

Poppy grew up in Butte. Sadly, Poppy's humans decided they didn't want her anymore. It's hard to even type those words.

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Luckily, Stafford Animal Shelter asked Poppy to come live with them until she chooses a family that she is going to be loved and cherished in.


Poppy is 8 years old and loves playing with her other feline friends, in fact, Poppy would make a really good sister to another kitty in your home. You don't have to worry about her not getting along whoever is in the home.

Poppy shared with our friends at Stafford Animal Shelter a message to her potential new family:

I've got a lot of love left to give, and I'd love to spend my golden years making someone's life a little brighter. Adopting me means gaining a friend who will cherish every moment with you. -Poppy

The best way to see if you and Poppy click, is to go and see her for yourself. She is just chillin' with her friends at Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston. You can call them or stop by and let them know you are there to see the coolest 8-year-old kitty.

Check out all of the animals at Stafford Animal Shelter below. Whether you are hoping to add a kitty, dog, bunny, chinchilla, or perhaps a different pocket pet, Stafford Animal Shelter is happy to help you complete your family.

Canva/Stafford Animal Shelter
Canva/Stafford Animal Shelter


cc: Stafford Animal Shelter

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