Why would anyone call a state STICKY? What makes a state STICKY?

Today is the first day I've ever hear a state called sticky.

It's according to The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas a state where people who are born there are likely to stay there when they grow-up and find a carrier, start a family. Basically start a life without moving away to another state to do so.

Many people need to seek "greener pastures" for work, housing and opportunity in other states for their pursuit of happiness and security.

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What makes a state, sticky?

There's a number of factors that involve people stay in their home state like frequency of jobs, weather, cities, infrastructure. The state needs opportunity for people to stay and help it's own economy.

According to The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas tops all states for stickiness for people to stay in their own state to grow and flourish.

Where does that leave Montana for Stickiness?

According to the charts from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Montana lies somewhere in the middle of stickiness and outmigration.


Outmigration according to Oxford means the action of leaving one place to settle in another, especially within a country.


It looks like we have a steady outflow and retention of home state citizens and is most likely a special case due to all latest infrastructure that we seem to be expanding upon within the last twenty or so years.

All I know is that me and everyone I know have stayed here after secondary school and I find this state rather sticky.

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