In Montana How Much Should You Pay A Babysitter In 2024?

After becoming parents, the first time you leave your kids at home while you go out on your own can be a scary situation.

Anxiety can be heightened when you leave your children home alone with a babysitter who is not a family member.

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A mother waves to her baby as she walks out the door and leaves them with the babysitter

What Is Montana's Minimum Wage?

If you are wondering how much you should pay your babysitter, perhaps a good place to start is with how much the minimum wage is in Montana.

Effective January 1st, 2024, the minimum wage in Montana increased to 10.40 per hour, which was a 35 cent per hour raise over 2023.

It turns out that isn't even close to what you can expect to be paying a babysitter in this day and age.

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A woman is paying a teenage babysitter

This Is How Much You Need To Pay Your Montana Babysitter In 2024

The website SitterCity is a website dedicated to the babysitting profession. It can help families connect with babysitters and vice versa.

They also break down the cost of a babysitter in specific areas. Sadly, there isn't an exact number for towns in Montana.

They do have an average per-hour cost of a babysitter for 2024, and it turns out that you should be giving your babysitter $21 an hour. That's up from $18.50 an hour in 2023.

If you have more than one child, you can expect to add 1 to 2 dollars more per child.

At these costs, I think I'll just wait till my kids are old enough to stay home for themselves.

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