Photo Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov Source: ThinkStock
Photo Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov Source: ThinkStock

With apologies to Frank Capra, who directed the movie classic of the same name, have you ever wondered what kind of world it would be without you?

Trying to picture myself running down the middle of main street yelling, “Hello Ellen movie house!!”

That might be a stretch.

We All Touch Each Other

All of us touch the lives of others. Often in ways we don’t even realize. But the world would be different if you weren’t in it.

I taught Adult Ed classes in Bozeman for about 10 years. But I could never have done that without first sitting in a “How to Start Your Own Business” class with a friend many years ago in San Diego.

That teacher put me on the path to look at business in a whole new light.

I worked with many people over the years whose opinions and insight shaped my viewpoints and ambitions without my even realizing it.

A Wisconsin lottery winner was a partial inspiration for my first book. He doesn’t win, I don’t see him in the newspaper, there’s no book, and 1,700 people a day don’t visit my web site because it’s not there.

There Are No Accidents

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a philosophy that I subscribe to because it describes events in my life. According to him there are no accidents. You are reading this because you are supposed to be reading it.

People who are not reading this are not supposed to be reading it.

If you’re in a movie you are sitting next to the people you are supposed to be sitting next to.

That seems simplistic I know but think about it. You have a fender bender. If you had left home a few seconds earlier or later, that accident never happens.

We are supposed to be where we are because our lives are interconnected and in many cases interdependent.

This doesn’t mean that you have no choice in where you go or what you do. You’re actions are not predestined like a robot.

It’s just that connections work. Without you in the equation the connections are broken and things are not the same just like in the “Wonderful Life” movie.

You may have heard the saying, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." Meaning that when you are ready to learn, things start to fall into place for you. A plan of action takes shape.

Some Final Thoughts

As you go through the next few days be more conscious of things and the people around you. We all have an effect on people in both positive and negatives ways by the things we say and do.

In the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” George Bailey learned that there was meaning to his life. Just as there is meaning in all our lives.

So I’m really glad you’re here. Life would just not be the same without you.

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