Another shooting in America. This time in Las Vegas, the place some would call the Sodom and Gomorrah of the US. All vices available there.

But Las Vegas is not to blame for this horrific event. Sadly, it could have happened in any major city anywhere.

Over 50 dead and more than 500 injured. Numbers are changing by the hour. Innocent people gunned down while watching the finale of a three-day outdoor concert.

Plenty of police presence, bomb-sniffing dogs, gates and barriers to make sure the bad guys didn’t get in. Backpacks either searched or not allowed. How could anything go wrong?

Funny how no one thought of someone shooting from the 30-somethingth floor of a nearby hotel, armed with 10 or more automatic weapons. No one thought of it because the act itself is unthinkable. Yet the question that presents itself in view of this latest tragedy — is there any truly safe place in America?

Has the time come when we can no longer close our front door and wonder if we’ll ever be back to open it again? As we kiss our loved ones goodbye will we start wondering if it will be the last time? Can we really exist and function in that kind of world?

When Did Things Go So Wrong?

As expected, there are many theories and opinions. The most pointed to theory is the rise of social media. People become very passionate when confronting others on a computer screen. Political and philosophical arguments escalate to the point of madness in some minds already damaged by societal experiences or mental defect.

Others feel groups are the cause: the KKK, Black Lives Matter, etc., groups that perceive that they have been wronged and those wrongs must be addressed with hate and violence to make a point.

Still more blame religious fanatics that have hijacked biblical teachings and converted them to their own selfish motives.

Some Final Thoughts

You don't expect something like this to happen, because things like that typically don’t. There’s no reason to think anything like that would even be possible.

But yet it did. And we’re once again left with the always unanswered question following all events like this: Why?

We cry for the answer to a question that has no answer. The loss of so many innocent lives whose only offense was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And even if we could find the answer how could our minds and hearts reconcile such a senseless and selfish act?

Thousands will never forget where they were on Sunday night October 1, 2017, a night that should have had only happy memories, but for 50-plus people the memories ended.

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