Has playing the race card finally reached the saturation point? You disagree with me — you’re a racist.

As though “You’re a racist” ends the argument and you win. I have no place to go now I’ve been defined as a racist and the more I defend that I’m not — the more race cards are poured on me.

If a Caucasian person finds fault with Obama then no matter the context they are obviously and clearly racist.

If a person of color finds fault with Trump they are simply exercising their free speech rights.

I think you can clearly see how this works. Whoever throws the race card out first wins. You might as well pack up your ball and go home.

Racist Definition

No, it’s not a NSCAR driver. Dictionary.com defines racist as, “a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

Does that fit Obama? Do you feel superior to a president of the United States or do you just disagree with his political position on some issues?

Perhaps you feel superior to Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton or do they just make what some would define as ridiculous statements.

I’m pretty sure white folks say some pretty dumb stuff too.

Are you beginning to see the problem here? People resort to the word and are clueless as to its actual meaning.

It’s like they throw a blanket of protection over themselves. It’s like using a tank when a slingshot will do.

Some Final Thoughts

How tolerant are you to other points of view that don’t coincide with yours? Many families are all over the political spectrum, but they probably don’t call each other racists at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

We’re moving into the Christmas holiday so let’s try to be a little more open to those we disagree with and leave the name calling cards in the deck.

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