The National People’s Congress of China has elected Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping, 64, (above left) president of China with no expiration date.

Previous Chinese term limits were kicked to the curb and Xi (Gee) is president for life if he so desires to serve that long.

Russia Elections

Vladimir Putin, 65, President of the Russian Federation, has also been reelected for another six-year term meaning that corrupt régime will continue into the foreseeable future.

What Does All This Mean To Us?

When you combine the continued power of these two low life’s and add in The Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, dictator Kim Jong Un, (North Korean records have him at 36, South Korean at 35, and American records at 34) then the terrorism table is set to create as many negative issues as possible for the current and future presidents.

Anytime you hear terms like “Federation” “People’s Congress” or “Worker’s Party” you know that those terms are the absolute definition of false advertising.

The people of China, Russia or North Korea have zero say in anything their governments do. The very fact that the members of the United Nations even allows their existence has always been a mystery to me.

And, speaking of the UN, both China and Russia have veto power since both sit on the so called five-member UN Security Council.

American Ambassador Nikki Haley has a full-time job just trying to come up with enough adjectives to describe the atrocities of these three despicable human beings.

All three run their countries like the Eagle’s song “Hotel California” — you can check out any time you want but you can never leave.

Some Final Thoughts

For all those who think the cold war may have ended with President Reagan you might want to rethink that.

In my opinion we’re on the verge of another Cold War of epic proportions. These three major players all bring big weapons to the party and that’s not good for the world at large.

You think climate change is a big deal you might want to rethink that position also.

As far as these three megalomaniacs are concerned “No Lives Matter.” Especially not their own peoples.

It’s going to take strong leadership to stand toe to toe with these three and keep them in check. Is America up to the task? Comments below.

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