The dictionary definition of “bias” as: a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned.

The term fake news has been thrown around very loosely since the Trump election. Watchdog groups consistently report that negative coverage of the president far outweighs his positive coverage.

Other groups point to the president’s loose reporting of the facts and inaccuracies.

So what is the responsibility of a news organization — in this case the Bozeman Chronicle?

Letters To The Editor

In today’s edition of the Chronicle there were two writers who questioned the truthful reporting of the news when it comes to politics.

Each had examples of what they felt was Chronicle bias. Kudos to the Chronicle for printing these two examples but did the letter writers have a valid point?

One writer’s example was what he felt was a misleading headline that had little to do with the story.

I wonder if the Chronicle has the right to change the headline sent by an AP or United Press association news feed?

Or, if they are going to run the story do they have to cut and paste it as is? I have seen copies of the Wall Street Journal going to different areas with political changes to their front pages.

Another example was the political cartoons that appear almost daily (almost since they don’t publish on Monday).

I can remember a time that every morning I used to be treated to Doonesbury on the editorial page.

Not sure how you can get more liberal than Doonesbury. Thankfully that's gone from the opinion page.

Some Final Thoughts

Every day we’re exposed to messages we don’t agree with. That’s the natural human psyche.

But if the genesis of those messages pick and choose what we’re exposed to because of their own beliefs than I think that news organization has issues that need to be addressed by the editorial board.

Most major newspapers in the US are considered liberal. Most colleges that teach journalism are considered liberal.

I suppose the question should be — If the Chronicle is biased should they just admit it?

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