I wrote an article earlier this week asking if Montana was losing part of its unique identity over politics.

I explained how as a conservative, I really enjoyed the fact that when I first moved to Montana several years ago, everyone kind of just did their own thing and for whatever reason, that seemed to work.  Now, I realize that the bigger towns are more progressive than the smaller ones, however, Montana has traditionally been a place where as long as you mind your own business, everyone gets along.

Over the last decade or so, we've seen a shift in our nation. Through the popularity and protection of social media, we've witnessed folks become keyboard warriors as they lash out and attack those with opposite opinions.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be any different here in Montana

My purpose in writing the first article was to point out that we shouldn't let a party determine how we few the world  I wanted to express how I believe that both sides are flawed and spent a huge amount of time accusing the other side of things that they're guilty of as well. So wrote and published the story, and then the comments came.  I wasn't surprised by what people had to say, I fully expected it.

Color image of some people voting in some polling booths at a voting station.

However, I will post some comments below and let you decide if folks missed the point.

Montana is losing its greatness because of all the liberal west coasters that have moved here!!


You are ok with out-of-state MAGA/QAnon representing our state? What is a socialist? You do understand it was the FEDERAL government that came to the aid of our recent state's fire and flood disasters? So are the city and towns that accepted the aid socialist?


Out-of-state liberals and socialists are breaking some of our elections. look at the weirdo elected in Missoula and how many votes that radical got for representative.


Montana is losing its luster and beauty from the 750.000 surges of mostly leftists. I can't wait for the economy crash and for Bidens imminent impeachment


I agree with everything said in this article. We can have a difference in opinion but still get along well with each other. Keep our values and respect others.


No, it's the incoming liberals

With the exception of one comment, it was all the blame game.  This isn't surprising, we just went through this a few weeks ago with the mid-term elections.  Politicians and political parties spent millions of dollars around the state telling you what was wrong with their opponents.

Instead of letting you know their qualifications and what makes them the best person for the job, they spent that time running down the person they were going against and playing the whole division game that has become so popular. Unfortunately, it's made Montana start to look like everywhere else.

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