(Photo Credit Scott Griessel • Source: ThinkStock)
(Photo Credit Scott Griessel • Source: ThinkStock)

According the Bible, Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of 969 years dying just seven days before the big flood.

Do you suppose he had to pay taxes all that time?

People used to think that TV personality Dick Clark never seemed to age. Some people look old for their age and others appear younger than their years.

Is age more than just a number?

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Your Age

Newspaper and police reports usually include age.

“Award winning actress Molly Moviestar, 32, was stopped by police on suspicion of driving under the influence.”

Even the military is getting into the age act.

Active duty personnel in the military were allowed to vote, smoke, and go to war, but not legally have a drink on base unless they were 21.

A Maryland legislator is trying to get a vote through congress to make some changes to that law.

Senator Ron Young of Maryland believes, “If someone can risk their life, why shouldn’t they be able to have a glass of beer or wine with dinner?”

Age Restrictions

It is illegal in the US to discriminate because of a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex or AGE.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)
This law protects people who are 40 or older from discrimination in hiring because of age.

Only If You’re Old Enough

You can drive IF you’re sixteen. You can get Medicare IF you’re 65. IF you’re 5 or under you might get in free. You can order off the senior menu IF you are 55 or older.

You can see R rated movies IF you’re over 17. You can be president IF you’re 35. If you live in Iran you can be president IF you're 21.

You can marry without parental consent in 49 states IF you are 18 or older. You can get married in Nebraska without parental consent IF you are 19 or older.

You can be a representative in congress IF you are 21 or older and you can be a US senator IF you are 30 or older.

You can collect your full Social Security Benefits IF you are 72 1/2.

You must start taking distribution from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) IF you are 70 1/2.

Some Final Thoughts

Age is something to think about. Dating, drinking, driving, voting retirement all have age levels that dictate behavior attached to them.

One thing I can tell you about age is that your thoughts and brains don’t age. I might have more memories than you but the same things I thought about at 20 I think about today some 50 years later.

My best advice, enjoy your age whatever that age happens to be. If you are young take advantage of it. If you are old, do what I do, just refuse to accept it.

Whether you are young in age, or young at heart, it’s a great time to be alive.

So feel free to act your age.

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