Does this mean Montana is one step closer to getting one of the most popular burger chains in America? 

Idaho news station KTVB is reporting that immensely popular California burger chain In-N-Out Burger has filed for an application to build a new location in Meridian, Idaho, just outside of Boise. This location would be the first In-N-Out Burger in Idaho and a big step for expanding their brand. 

In-N-Out currently only has locations in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and California. In-N-Out has built distribution centers in all of these states. In-N-Out has its distribution centers close to them so the food they cook and serve can be fresh to the customers. The closest distribution center to Meridian, Idaho, is in Draper, Utah, and geographically that's only five hours away. 

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This opening in Idaho potentially sets up a future where Montana could see an In-N-Out popping up in our state. In-N-Out has been named one of the Five Non-Local Businesses that Locals Want to Come to Bozeman and Bozeman is only six hours away from the Draper, Utah distribution center. 

Why would In-N-Out come here? Well, Bozeman's expanding population, popular tourism year-round, and the largest university in Montana help the cause. Plus, with all the Californians that have moved here over the past few years, they probably miss those Double-Double burgers with Animal Style Fries. 

If In-N-Out did open a location here in Bozeman, there are only two spots that would fit them so customers could easily access and have constant traffic. One spot would be 19th Avenue, close to the I-90 Interstate. 19th Avenue has consistent traffic, and there are plenty of lands to build an attractive building. The other location would probably be near Four Corners. That area is one of the fastest-growing and most trafficked areas every day for commuters. 

Either way, the reality of In-N-Out coming to Montana is slowly becoming more of a reality than a fantasy, and that's exciting. 

Right now, the closest In-N-Out is in Riverdale, Utah

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