A few nights ago I discovered that I’m a one percenter. No I’m not talking about a sizable income — I’m talking about technology.

It seems that people my age don’t embrace the age of technology as much as the younger crowd.

I got this disturbing information while I was doing a computer survey.

Are You Sure You Entered Your Age Correctly?

While filling in the demographic info for this survey I was asked, “Are you sure you put your age down correctly. Studies show that only 1 percent of people your age use computer technology.”

As you can imagine I was stunned with this new found information.

I didn’t know whether I should be proud to be in such a small elite group of overly intelligent seniors, or to be offended that at my age I couldn’t possibly know what I was doing without some grandchild nearby to navigate the complexities of technology for me.

The Modern Age Of Technology

I decided that in today’s world old simply means dumb and out of touch. I have no doubt that studies do show that older folks don’t all sit and stare at computer screens or iPhones all day long.

But there might be a very good reason why.

Many of them have actual lives. They’re active, have grand kids, do arts and crafts, play in over 60 sports leagues.

In their world a computer or smart phone doesn’t add much to their already fulfilling lives.

Others, like me, started using computers in the mid 80s for the creative side they offer. I learned to make newsletters, newspaper and magazine ads for people as a source of income. I wrote books and blogged.

The more I learned the more I wanted to learn. And for whatever reason learning computer programs came fairly easy to me.

Maybe I just have that kind of brain. Who knows?

I taught Adobe InDesign, Word and Photoshop courses for Adult Ed at one time.

Some Final Thoughts

I realize that I will not be in the one percent for long. People currently in their 30s and 40s are addicted to every level of technology. The thought of being without their smart phone can cause their hearts to palpitate.

Sit in any doctor’s waiting room and everyone in there will be on their smart phones. Doctors are saving millions in magazine subscriptions.

Technological advances will change our world. Perhaps I should think of myself as being ahead of the curve for my generation.

Perhaps there’s a club somewhere or maybe I should start one. Any takers? Want to be a 1 percenter?

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