Tom Egelhoff - Host of Open for Business Saturdays 11-2PM MDT
Tom Egelhoff - Host of Open for Business Saturdays 11-2PM MDT

The vast majority of my liberal friends would agree that my beliefs put me as the poster child for the title of this blog. Greedy and Unenlightened.

There is a stark contrast between the things that I believe and that of the so-called progressive camp.

Here are two differences.

Greedy and Unenlightened

I’m greedy and unenlightened because I believe in the power of the individual. I believe that we can all achieve our dreams and goals if we are willing to put in the time and energy to make those things happen.

Will we receive or request help along the way? — Absolutely — Just not forever.

To the liberal precinct that translates to — I am selfish and uncompassionate to those less fortunate. I don’t give a hoot about the poor or disadvantaged.

The huddled masses yearning to breathe free can pound sand.

The Income Ladder

I’ve existed at all rungs on the income ladder and I know that no matter what rung I was clinging to there was always someone clinging to a rung below me.

But I also know that at one time I was clinging to that same lower rung they are.

Does it benefit me to give up some resources and drop down to the lower rung with them?

Does both of us being poor benefit either of us?

Or, should I encourage the person below me to climb up to my rung?

The latter causes me no financial pain and, at the same time, relieves some of the financial pain of the person below me.

Now we're equal — not enabler and enabled.

What if we both encouraged another to climb up to our rung? Or someone above the two of us is encouraging us to rise to their rung?

What if someone was coming down the ladder? Would it help if we could stop their decent at our rung?

Who would be hurt and who would be helped with these incentives?

Selfless and Progressive

This is the left side of the aisle. They want a share of what I earn. They're not selfish but seem to want the same or more material goods that I have.

That’s what income inequality really is. I want what you’ve got.

So in other words I have more material things than they do so it’s unfair for me to have more material things than they do but because I have worked for and gotten those material goods on my own — I’m the bad guy.

And while they say the quest for material goods is greedy and unenlightened and are not important to them they seem to want them anyway with no effort on their part because they are selfless and progressive.

So I become less, so they can stay where they are, with more stuff.

Some Final Thoughts

Would you make your neighbors house payment if you knew doing so would cost you your own home? Probably not, so that would make you smart but  — Greedy and Unenlightened.

What if you could afford to make your neighbors house payment and your own payment as well? Now we’re talking selfless and progressive.

We’re helping someone. How long would you help that neighbor and what would be their incentive to make their own payments in the future? — None.

Yes, we’re helping someone. Just not helping them help themselves.

Sooner or later we'll either cut the cord or ship them off to the next entitlement program to continue the uninterrupted house payments they've grown so fond of.

This is where we find ourselves. Under the guise of helping others capable of helping themselves we weaken society as a whole.

So I intend to remain greedy and unenlightened and encourage others to rise to my rung on that greedy and unenlightened income ladder — not for me to drop to their rung.

But if I should drop to a lower rung I'll do what I've always done when that happened. I will be looking up — not down.

What say you??

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