Are they trying to Save Bozeman or really just standing in the way of progress? We have had people on my Dominick In The Morning who say we need development in Bozeman, that we are growing. These builders point out that they are helping to make a brighter future for our city. They say citizens who are upset are only thinking about themselves and don't care about the greater good.

The group Save Bozeman, made up of private citizens, want change. They know it has to happen, but the city and the developers are not doing it the right way. They need to stop things like the Black Olive project because it will destroy the charm of our city.

It goes back and forth. Each side comes on the show with their point of view and points out how the others side is wrong.

Now, this Monday, both sides will meet face-to-face on the Dominick In The Morning segment "One Side The Other Side." Point-by-point each will explain their side.

But unlike other debates, where both sides just talk about what they think and nothing seems resolved, on "One Side The Other Side" after the hour is up,
I will announce a winner. Someone will win the argument and one side won't.

On Dominick In The Morning after both guests talk for almost an hour, I, Dominick, will declare a winner.

Monday at 8 a.m. on the show we will finally have an answer to who is right and who is wrong.


MSU and Bozeman aerials, June 2014. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham


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