Believe it or not that headline is from an actual survey of college students. No tests, no completing assignments, just showing up for class deserves a “B” grade.

A UC Irvine Study, show that a full one third of students surveyed felt class attendance should be enough effort expended for a “B” in the subject.

Forty percent think they should get a “B” for doing the assigned reading.

It seems that studies over the past 40 or so years claim that today’s college student think of themselves as being above average in academics, their drive toward success, math ability, and self confidence.

But studies also show that ratings of things like individualism, cooperativeness, understanding others, empathy, and spirituality have either plateaued or gone down.

Their self-perception is more skewed than their actual scholastic and social abilities would indicate. But that doesn’t dissuade their belief.

The $15 Crowd

I’m not going to paint all college, or entry-level workers, with the same broad brush but this is the mindset of many of today’s Millennials.

This same trait carries over into the college age group not taking advantage of formal education and working entry-level jobs.

Make fries today for minimum wage and tomorrow make the same fries for $15 an hour. Why?

Because, “I’m special.” I show up. I work just hard enough not to get fired and I deserve better.

And, as the survey shows, it’s becoming more pervasive as the years go by.

“I’m above average just because I say I am and think I am.”

Your boss or professor might have a differing opinion

Some Final Thoughts

Are our colleges and universities injecting us with a workforce of entitlement “spoiled brats?” Minimum effort is the status quo?

How do I get the most by doing the least?

It would seem so.

Why pay for phones if you can get a free one. Just demand more income and offer no increase in production and people will take to the streets on your behalf.

Is this a great country or what?

Thanks so much for reading this. You must be a very special, and highly intelligent person — Unless you’re over 30 and pay bills.

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