Why is it so hard to make changes in our lives that will add to our happiness and well being?

I know my life would be better if I jumped out of bed and did about 20 pushups and 20 situps before breakfast.

Not much chance of that happening any time soon.

Why Are We Such A Self Destructive Society?

If the FDA outlawed sugar, we’d all starve to death.

Lattes on the way to work, doughnuts at work, sugar in the coffee, desserts at lunch where does it all end?

We drink alcohol to excess. We smoke, do drugs, drive too fast, eat an unbalanced diet, get zero exercise and then are somehow amazed that we catch cold or have high blood pressure.

Fast Food Tastes Better Than Healthy Food

We are an obese nation. No question about it.

Those people you see out jogging on your way to work in -20 below temps are an infinitesimal number of citizens.

When I witness that activity, I have to assume there must be some brain damage to subject yourself to that kind of daily abuse.

If your family history has people dying at age 50, you probably will too, no matter how much you run or exercise.

If broccoli tasted like doughnuts, we’d be the healthiest country on earth. Someone in government should get to work on that.

Kids would eat vegetables non-stop if they just contained more artificial sweetener. Imagine turnips that tasted like Milky Ways — but without the calories.

Some Final Thoughts

Our problem is trying to make too many life changes all at once. There is nothing wrong with setting goals such as healthy eating, exercising, and reducing stress.

All that sounds really good on paper, but I would suggest doing them one at a time.

Get your diet under control before you think about exercise. Try to reduce stress that can have an adverse effect on your diet.

Most overeating is emotional not nutritional.

Pick one aspect of your life you’d like to change before moving on to the next one.

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