Long before the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision, corporations were considered legal entities, or “people” in the eyes of the law.

But what about your customers? How do they see your business?

Do they see a cold impersonal thing? Or, do they see a place with a real personality — much like a person.

Trust and Confidence

Every business needs loyal, repeat customers. But how does that happen? Surveys show that customers are loyal to businesses that they trust and are confident that the business will perform as advertised. Just as a friend would do.

That’s not an easy thing for a business to do right out of the gate as a startup. Any relationship takes time to build and business relationships are no different.

Customers have to have a “dating period” with you before making a commitment.

Word of Mouth

Nothing builds a strong business any better than positive word of mouth. Current customers beating the drum about your business to future customers. Nothing is more powerful than one customer referring another to your business.

No business sends every customer out the door happy but that doesn’t mean you stop trying to do that with every customer experience.

Customer Service

When I do seminars I always ask for a show of hands of people in the room who have the best customer service. You would think every hand would immediately shoot up but they don’t. Why?

Mostly because they don’t have a clear definition of what customer service is. They know it when they get it but they’re never really sure if they’re delivering it. How would you treat your best friend if they walked in your business door? Every customer should get treated as a best friend.

My simple definition of customer service is the best service you can consistently deliver, day in and day out, and still be profitable.

Some Final Thoughts

Customers make emotional decisions. They buy things based on how those things make them feel. Shouldn’t they have the same feeling toward your business or service?

It’s like the bar where everybody knows your name. It’s a buying comfort zone. The customer knows he or she will be treated with respect, get value in trade for their hard earned money, and have recourse if things don’t go as planned.

Does your business have a personality? Is it human like? When customers walk in do they feel like they’re meeting an old friend?

It’s easier for customers to form a relationship with a living being than a thing. If you can give your business life it will go a long way to building lasting customer relationships.

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