I spend 24/7/365 with me. That might be good or bad depending on your point of view.

I know everything good and everything bad about me. There is that constant battle between good and evil going on inside us all the time.

We’re Jekyll and Hyde personified.

Be Your Own Best Friend

One of the biggest faults we all have is that we’re very self-critical. We don’t like our hair, nose, body shape, voice, or eye color.

We do all we can to hide these perceived defects from the world. Even though we’re probably the only ones who see them.

After all, don’t we dress for success? Don’t clothes make the man so to speak?

It’s easy to say, “Stop beating yourself up.”

Your best friend would be the first to tell you that you’re overreacting. They would tell you that you’re a kind, loving, wonderful person.

So why not make you — your own best friend. When you look in the mirror tomorrow look at all the great things staring back at you rather than the bumps and warts.

Who Are You Really?

Let’s face facts. You are who you are because of life experiences and societal norms. You’re a product of your environment.

So when you’re told to be yourself you can’t be. Society won’t let you. Unless you learn to buck the system somehow.

You have a choice. Either be whomever you are expected to be, by those around you, — or be the person you want to be.

Some Final Thoughts

Most of us feel most comfortable being ourselves. However you want to define that. That usually only happens when we’re alone.

But through most of our lives, it’s some obscure how-to-act rule book that changes on a daily basis that hampers our efforts to be us.

It’s no wonder we can’t be us. We are too busy being someone we’re not in an effort to be accepted by others.

Schedule a meeting of all your various personalities — your work persona, how you are with strangers, how you are with friends, how you are with family, and decide who you really want to be with all of them.

It’s way too stressful to try to be all things to all people and ignore the most important person you need to please — you.

Get your support group together, decide who you really want to be, and go for it.

Life is way too short to try to please the world at your own expense.

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