I need to begin this post with a disclaimer. I do not watch any sort of college basketball whatsoever. That being said, I do however enjoy winning prizes $5,000,000 or $10,000 prizes offered by Yahoo.com.

The odds of picking a perfect bracket are one in 18 quintillion! I can hear Doc from Back to the Future exclaiming this gigantic number in astonished disbelief as I write this. That number makes it seem nearly impossible. But nothing is impossible right? I don't plan on picking randomly though and I hope my approach will whittle my odds to maybe one in a million.

I plan on looking at the past six years of NCAA tournaments and their outcomes to see if I can notice a trend or at least keep me grounded in my feeble attempts at picking a winner. I've already learned how many points college basketball teams usually score in a game!

If you are still interested in my approach, here are 2006-2011 bracket results. How close were you in the past? Where did you go wrong? They taught us to use history to prevent repeating mistakes from our past. Will this be enough for me to resist picking the highest seeded team for each round? I've got my trustee quarter handy for making any really tough decisions.