Credit: Bartek Szewczyk • Source: ThinkStock
Credit: Bartek Szewczyk • Source: ThinkStock

Right and wrong — what do those two words really mean? According to Webster, they mean the following:

  1. Right – Morally good, justified, or acceptable.  True or correct as fact. Correct in one’s opinion or judgment.
  2. Wrong – Not correct or true, mistaken, unsuitable or undesirable. Unjust, dishonest or immoral. Incorrect in one’s opinion or judgment.

Do You See The Word?

Do you see the one word that really separates the two? That one most crucial word is — “opinion.”

Two and two is definitely four. I think I can make an indisputable case for that fact. However, if you refuse to believe two plus two is four, then in your “opinion,” I would be wrong.

I would not be wrong everywhere, or with everyone, but wrong within our conversation. We would have a difference of “opinion.”

Can Wrong Be Right?

Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that you recruit a large group of people and convince them that two plus two is not four, but some obscure number to be reveled sometime in the future. That way no proof that two plus two is four would be required.

Only the belief that two plus two could be something else will be the future message.

Now there are thousands of people accepting the mob belief that two plus two is not four. Sort of like the Emperor Has No Clothes.

It reaches a point where disbelieving would cost you friends and family because you’d be wrong in their eyes.

Just Accept The Fact

As long as I believe the fact, and I can find like-minded people who believe the fact, does it suddenly become “right?”

Can we sit around and speculate that two plus two is nowhere near four but we are on a quest to find the right number?

And no amount of proof that we are “incorrect” or “wrong,” will sway us from our self appointed task.

Some Final Thoughts

Isn’t this the basis for every conspiracy theory out there? Right and wrong goes out the window. Replaced by obscure opinion that must be accepted as fact.

Anyone who does not accept the vogue “opinion” will be rejected, vilified, cast out, and personally attacked or humiliated.

So as you can see I am obviously right about everything I believe, and you are so wrong in your opinions.

Oh wait, new information is coming in. Damn — two plus two is four.

But wait, what about three plus three? WHO’S WITH ME???

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