With friends and family descending on you this summer to visit, the question is always: where do you take them to eat in the Bozeman area? You want good food, but you also want to give them some local color. We asked our radio listeners and here are the Top 5 places they recommend to take family & friends to eat:

5) - Willow Creek Cafe

Go for the ribs! And remember to tell your guests that the cafe was featured in the book Blind Your Ponies by Stanley Gordon West.

photo by Townsquare Media

4) - Ted's

Great place to sit outside on their back deck or in front along Main Street. All kinds of different food are available, so everyone in your party should find something they like, and your out of towners might get a glimpse of Ted Turner.

3) - The Roost

Our listeners voted this restaurant in for their fried chicken. It's also a great spot to sit outside while you enjoy your meal.

2) - The Oasis in Manhattan

Most of our radio listeners thought The Oasis offers the best steak in the area. Since we live in Montana, a lot of friends and family assume we eat steak every night. Here's the spot you can take them to keep that myth alive.

photo by Townsquare Media

1) - The Western Cafe

Nothing reeks of local flavor and old-time Bozeman like The Western. Besides great food (try their cinnamon rolls!) there's all kinds of old pictures and Bozeman memorabilia on the walls.