Guns are once again prominent in the news. You’ll always find school shootings above the fold.

Who really needs a gun and who doesn’t is the big question. Let’s dismiss the most obvious — hunters, sports shooters, police and military and drill down to Mr. and Mrs. Six Pack.

While I do live in a place where gun ownership is almost required to be a true Montanan not everyone in Montana embraces gun ownership.

Who Needs A Gun?

In Montana it’s legal to openly carry a gun anywhere so it’s not uncommon to see someone in Walmart with a gun on his or her hip.

But there are some citizens that need a conceal carry permit for their type of work. For example, if you carry sums of money, that alone might make you an attractive target.

I’ve also been a big believer that where you live might have a bearing on gun ownership.

Gallatin County is bigger than Rhode Island or Delaware. Which means that the time for law enforcement to reach you in case of a home invasion might be a justifiable reason to be armed for home protection.

Who Doesn’t Need A Gun?

Children obviously but I have no problem with father’s and sons doing some productive hunting together.

Convicted felons are not allowed to own a gun but can have their rights restored in some cases.

People who have not had training in how to use a gun correctly should not have one.

And the real biggie is those who have been diagnosed with suicidal tendencies or mental issues that would pose a danger to themselves or others.

If you have an aversion to guns or a fear of guns then you might want to consider taking some safety courses or other self-defense options.

Background Checks

If you’re an investor and someone comes to you with a proposal there is always the legal disclaimer that says, “Past performance is no indication of future performance.

In other words, just because a stock performed well in the past doesn’t guarantee how it will do in the future.

I would suggest this example also works for human beings. Good people often become bad people with the right stressful stimulus.

I think background checks are a must for gun ownership but no requirement is going to fill all gaps in our system.

Some Final Thoughts

In view of school shootings in the past few years has the time come to identify schools as a hostile work environment?

If I were a teacher in today’s school system I think I would put myself at the front of the line if offered the option of firearm training and being armed during school hours.

If I felt the need for protection in my own home then why would I feel any less safe at school where documented attacks with loss of life have taken place?

It’s simply self-preservation. What’s your opinion? Comments below.

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