It seems like everyone is obsessed with these "Murder/True Crime" podcasts, documentaries, and tv series.


Everywhere I go, people are talking about "Did you listen to this one?  Did you watch the documentary? Oh, I have one that you HAVE to see!"  I'll be honest, outside of Keith Morrison and Dateline NBC, I've never really been into listening to such things.

First off, it's a little creepy. Second, I was an actual witness to one, well, not the murder part, but the get rid of the body part.

True story, it happened back in February of 2008.  I was living in Missoula and was walking out to my car to go to work in the early morning hours when I heard a bunch of noise.

I looked down the row of garages in front of the apartment building and saw a man putting some sort of large object in the back of his car.  It appeared that he looked down in my direction, so I turned my head quickly and left.


I went to work, did my thing and didn't really give it another thought until I came home for lunch.  The whole apartment complex was taped off, there were all sorts of police vehicles, we even had the TV News vans with there.  "What in the world is going on?" I thought, so I called and asked the office at the apartment and they told me they didn't know, but they'd been there all morning.

I made a call to my buddy who was a tv news anchor and left a voice mail, he called me back a few hours later and give me all the details.  It seemed that a couple of roommates got into an argument and it turned physical.

The roommate claimed self defense as he stabbed the other, killing him.  He then decided to drag the body of the dead roommate down three flights of stars and put the body in the car, drive down I-90 do the Clark Fork river and throw the body over the bridge.

photo of a fresh crime scene

When I saw him, that's what he was doing, he was putting the body in the car.

Once the sun came up, and people noticed the trail of blood down three flights of stairs and on the sidewalk to the parking lot, they decided to call the police.  Don't get me wrong, I love our Men and Women in Blue, but I'd like to think even I could have solved this case, as the blood led right the apartment door.  They knocked on the door, a man answered. They asked what happened, and he confessed.

It is certainly an experience that I will never forget, and even though I never felt in danger, there is something completely eerie about being a part of something like that. For more info on the case, click here.

Credit: Flathead Beacon

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