Yesterday I woke up to yet one more shooting. This one directed at Republican House members at a baseball practice preparing for an upcoming game against their arch rivals — Democrat house members.

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Bellville, Illinois, not far from where I grew up, and played high school basketball against, stepped onto Simpson Field in Alexandria, Virginia and opened fire on the law makers with a rifle wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, 51.

Other players at the practice were injured as they ducked for cover in the first base dugout. Of course no one was armed — they were in Virginia.

Capital police were able to shoot Hodgkinson who died from his wounds later in the day. Currently at this writing he is the only fatality.

Every Shooter Has A History

He was a nice guy, he was quiet, he was known to law enforcement, he did this and he did that.

It’s almost always the same narrative no matter the shooter’s color, sexual preference, religion, national origin, or race.

The sound bites of the national media, various political groups, all spewing their hateful rhetoric and it’s no surprise when it eventually reaches the breaking point in someone.

I’m unhappy — I need to let someone know — with violence.

What’s The Preface To Violence?

Where is the escalational genesis from November 8, 2016 to today? Is it the four letter word laced marches? Or could it be the fires and destruction of property at Berkley over an invited speaker?

What was the last straw for James T. Hodgkinson that made him take action? If the results of the last election had been different would someone else have shown up at the Democrats practice with the same goal?

Politics Are Temporary

I hate it when my team loses a world or national championship. I hate it when my guy loses an election. But I know that all politics are temporary.

Regan is dead, Both Bush’s are out of office, Obama is out of office, and Trump will be out of office someday.

Many would like that to happen sooner than later. But when the time comes he’ll be gone and Stephen Colbert will have someone else to kick around or suck up to.

Some Final Thoughts

Why does it matter who this guy supported? Does that even come close to justification to go out and shoot people?

I guess I missed the report where he shouted ALA-ACK-Bernie.

He was a person fueled by rhetoric, not hope or inspiration that should be the only buzzwords coming out of Washington today. They’re sadly missing.

Pontifical speeches will be made, interviews with all the talking heads, tears and endless speculation — till next Monday when something else will make headlines.

Instead it’s sour grapes and whining about a team everyone thought should win but didn’t. And that result is unacceptable to some and a trigger for others.

It's time to get over it and come together as a country.

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