According to a Time Magazine article, you spent almost 13 hours on hold waiting for customer service last year. You were probably hoping and praying that your next representative would not have English as his or her third language.

Did you order any in-home services? Cable? Plumber? Phone service?

According to IBOPE Zogby poll, waiting for a service person cost the collective homeowner or renter in the US $37.7 billion in lost time.

Time Spent Waiting

Here are some common yearly wait times from various sources:

  • Average commuters  – 38 hours in traffic (The Atlantic)
  • If you live in a major city – add an additional 12 hours
  • Waiting in line for airlines, coffee, ticket lines – 37 billion hours (The New York Times)
  • Coffee – 7 minutes each time
  • Table at a restaurant – 15 Minutes
  • Significant other getting ready to go out - 21 Minutes
  • Doctor’s Office – 32 Minutes
  • Getting ready for work – 32 Minutes

Can You Be Late And Not Be Late?

  • Less than four minutes late for work – Not Late
  • Less than five minutes late for a first date – Not Late
  • Less than two minutes late for a job interview – Not Late
  • Less than 14 minutes late to a family event – Not Late

Some Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how much of our time is wasted throughout our daily lives. It’s often in such small segments when compared to the big picture that we put it down as life’s little speed bumps.

Start carrying a note card or pocket notebook and keep track of how long you spend waiting for stuff. You’ll be amazed as how much time you could save by making minor changes in your lifestyle.

Leaving a little earlier for work might save you time in traffic. Bringing coffee from home rather than waiting in some line.

Bring your lunch rather than wait at a table in a restaurant. You could eat and still have time for a short walk.

How much time have you wasted this week?

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