Update 6/11

According to Montana FWP, the bear was relocated to the Coal Creek drainage west of the North Fork of the Flathead River. Below is a photo of the release.

Credit: Montana FWP



According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, a sub-adult male grizzly was captured, Monday, on the edge of Conrad, north of the golf course.

Ongoing hazing efforts failed to push the bear away from town and the animal was then darted.

Credit: Montana FWP

The bear was said to be terrified of people during the operation, and at one point tried to escape the wrong way, running toward the trees of town.

The bear has no history of conflict with people and will be safely relocated west of town. Montana FWP estimates the bear to be 3 years-old.

Wildlife officials are giving special thanks to local law enforcement personnel and property owners for their assistance and patience.