If you needed another reminder to be alert when out hiking or hunting this time of year, we've got one for you.

A man hunting for Elk near Cody, Wyoming over the weekend was attacked by a Grizzly Bear.  The man was later flown to a hospital in Billings with what were described as "non life threatening injuries"

The Grizzly Bear, which was female, was killed at the scene by the injured hunter and his partner. The Grizzly had two cubs and both cubs were later euthanized by Wyoming Game and Fish.

It is believed that the hunters came across the Mama Bear while she was with her cubs, and she in returned charged the hunters, although the investigation continues.  Female Grizzlies can weigh up to 350 pounds and run as fast as 35 mph, while male Grizzlies can weigh over 600 pounds.

Alessa Kiviat
Alessa Kiviat

It is estimated that there are 55 thousand Grizzly Bears in North America, with over 30 thousand of those in the state of Alaska.  Over 20 thousand Grizzlies are in Canada and it is thought that up to 1500 bears can be found in the "lower 48".

Undated File Photo: Grizzly Bear In Alaska. (Photo By Getty Images)
Getty Images

Bears tend to be most active in this area March through October.  It is certainly a remainder that if you're out hunting or hiking to always be on the lookout and be prepared and familiar with your environment.

According to the National Park Service, tips while encountering a bear include:

  • Identify Yourself
  • Stay Calm
  • Travel In Groups
  • Make Yourself Look As Large As Possible
  • Be Cautious If You See a Female With Cubs

Credit: National Park Service

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