HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Gov. Brian Schweitzer and his wife Nancy paid nearly $22,000 in federal and state income taxes in 2011 on an adjusted gross income of nearly $158,000.

Tax records released by the governor's office showed the Schweitzer s paid just over $16,000 in federal income taxes, about $5,800 in state income taxes along with nearly $13,000 in property taxes.

Schweitzer has made his tax returns public every year he has been in office.

Schweitzer s 2011 income included his nearly $96,000 salary, the couple's $4,900 in taxable interest, $1,900 in ordinary dividends and over $57,000 in capital gains.

The couple owns a 4,000-square-foot home on Georgetown Lake and several ranches.

In 2010, Schweitzer  paid nearly $25,000 in income taxes on an adjusted gross income of just over $168,000.