According to the Greg Gianforte campaign; Montana has lost over 500 timber jobs in the past year. Last week, Weyerhaeuser announced the closing of lumber and plywood mills in Columbia Falls, leading to an additional 100 job losses.

Gianforte has called out Bullock for failing to exercise “Good Neighbor Authority” agreements allowed under the federal Farm Bill. Montana’s entire congressional delegation, Democrat and Republican, voted for it.

“Montana should be taking the lead in efforts to provide healthier forests and more timber for our mills. Instead, a lack of leadership in Helena has led to the lack of a Good Neighbor Agreement with the US Forest Service. The governor had tools in his tool box to help with timber jobs, and he’s failed to use them.”

Gianforte said.

Over 600 timber jobs have now been lost under Bullock’s recent watch. Instead of simply blaming the Obama Administration, Gianforte continues to ask why the governor has failed to utilize existing authority or support land management reforms supported by Congressman Ryan Zinke and Senator Steve Daines.