To repeal or not to repeal; that is the question when it comes to the national heath care law, and Americans are divided on the subject. Well, maybe not Americans, but independents are. Democrats & Republicans are standing firm to their positions.

WASHINGTON — Americans are closely divided over whether the new Republican-controlled House should vote to repeal the health care law that was enacted just last year, a Gallup Poll finds.

But partisans on both sides are united: Republicans solidly back repeal, and Democrats overwhelming want to let the law stand.

The survey results help explain why Republican leaders are determined to forge ahead with repeal — House Speaker John Boehner has scheduled a vote for Wednesday — even though the effort is virtually guaranteed to fail in the Senate.

The findings, which show independents almost evenly split, also highlight an opportunity for Democrats to renew efforts to make the case for President Obama's signature legislative achievement.

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