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Las Vegas is an amazing place. If you’ve never been there you should add it to your bucket list in a high position.

Here are a few facts about this 24/7/ 365 money machine you might know or have been aware of.

Funny Frivolous Friday Fun Facts About Las Vegas

  • If you live in Las Vegas you would be referred to as a Las Vegan. (Source)
  • The famous Welcome Sign and the most well known hotels are not in Las Vegas proper. They are located in Paradise, Nevada, which is an unincorporated township. (Source)
  • The average Las Vegas gambler will spend and average of $447.63. Down from previous years. (Source)
  • Want a Las Vegas Wedding? Get in line. The daily number of wedding each day in Las Vegas about 300. (Source)
  • What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in Vegas than watching an Atom Bomb test? It was a major Las Vegas attraction during the 1950s. (Source)
  • The Atomic Bomb tests were so popular that Las Vegas crowned a Miss Atomic Bomb in the 1950s
  • The Statue of Liberty depicted on the US Postage Stamp in not the one you see entering the harbor in New York but instead is the Las Vegas replica. (Source)
  • Seventeen of the twenty largest hotels in the US call Las Vegas home. (Source)
  • The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign has been welcoming visitors since 1959. (Source)
  • Segregation was rampant in the early days of Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack are often given credit for helping to end it by refusing to perform in casinos that would not allow blacks. (Source)
  • The Main Street Station Casino’s men’s bathroom is home to a section of the Berlin Wall. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

Even if you’re not a gambler there is plenty to see and do in Vegas. The wife and I often hit the outlet stores for bargains on clothes, bedding, coats and more.

The slots leaving the airport have the best payoffs. A friend of mine won a cool million when leaving.

No he didn’t like my business idea.

What’s your favorite story that you didn’t leave in Vegas?

Comments below.

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