Photo by Hamish Blair/Liaison) Getty Images
Photo by Hamish Blair/Liaison) Getty Images

South Africa has a long history of racial unrest and political upheaval. Yet it has survived and advanced since it’s early days of Dutch rule.

Here are some tidbits of info you might not have known about the birth place of my favorite African-American actress Charlize Theron and my favorite African-American basketball player Steve Nash.

Fast and Furious South African Facts

  • South Africa has been referred to at the Rainbow Nation because 11 languages are spoken there. You’ll have to learn “Where’s the bathroom in all of them.” (Source)
  • South Africa should be called the Golden Country since almost half the gold ever mined comes from Witwatersrand. (Source)
  • Being home to 55 million people makes South Africa number 24 on the population list of countries. (Source)
  • Technology doesn’t always arrive quickly. The San people of South Africa use the same tools their ancestors did 44,000 years ago. (Source)
  • Racial segregation began during colonial times when the Dutch Empire called the shots. Then it continued under the British becoming the law of the land in 1948. It would last 43 years until 1991. (Source)
  • Even though Apartheid was the law for many years South Africa has been holding elections for the past 100 years. (Source)
  • Apartheid ended in 1991 and Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the first black president in 1994. (Source)
  • Since 1990 over 1,000 white farmers have been killed in South Africa (Source)
  • Carjacking is so wide spread in South Africa that drives can legally mount flamethrowers under their cars to thwart the potential thieves. (Source)
  • You’ve come a long way baby. Who’s the only woman to be first lady of both Mozambique and South Africa? Why Graca Machel or course. (Source)
  • I guess there’s an app for everything these days. If you’re getting married in South Africa you need a dowry. There’s an app to tell you how many cows you’ll have to give up to get the girl of your dreams. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

If you get thirsty in South Africa you can always grab a drink inside a 6,000-Year-Old Baobab Tree at South Africa’s Sunland Bar.

If you think the price of gold will rise then you need to head to Rainbow Country. Diamonds too.

Anyone been to South Africa?

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