Underwear — One more of those little things in life that strangely seems unnecessarily necessary. In “olden days,” underwear was referred to as “unmentionables.” It was one of those common items that everyone knew about but no one really spoke about.

In most shopping centers or big box stores the area devoted to women’s unmentionables is about the size of a football field. For men, it’s a poker table. Men don’t seem to put as much weight in the selection of their undies in spite of what “Mike” wears. We don’t have a tendency to check ourselves in the mirror for days as our female counterparts do. Here are a few things you always wanted to know about underwear but were afraid to ask.

Fun Facts About Underwear

  • Women are big fans. Ten percent of women own more than thirty-five pairs of underwear while the average member of the fairer sex owns just 21 pair.
  • Men are not big fans. We believe if it’s not broken don’t fix it. According to a 2008 survey, 9 percent of men have worn the same underwear for ten years. I sincerely hope that’s not one single pair. Another 15 percent top out at underwear that’s 5-9 years old.
  • Believe it or not there is a record for wearing the most pairs of underwear at one time. On June 13, 2010, ten-year-old Jack Singer donned 215 pairs beating the old record of 200. His parents must be so proud.
  • Most experts agree that probably as many as 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Bras that fit incorrectly that cause back strain and loss of firmness. Trying to find out how you become and expert in this area of study.
  • The average woman will go through at least six different bra sizes during her lifetime.
  • It is recommended that bras be replaced every six months.
  • The country where the largest cup sizes are sold is the UK while the smallest sizes are sold in Japan.
  • More research. Will your wife or girlfriend allow you to see her without makeup? If so, according to more experts, the chances are she will wear white cotton panties and not break your bank.
  • Brazil is home to the largest number of Victoria’s Secret underwear models.
  • I’m not sure that advertising ‘buzzwords’ work for men when it comes to underwear, but when men’s briefs were invented in 1935, terms like “scientific suspension” and “restful buoyancy,” were popular terms of the day.

Some Final Thoughts

To be honest I rarely find the need to think about underwear. I probably spend more time contemplating the wife’s than my own. My wife has a hard and fast rule that when a new pair comes in and old pair has to go. So I’m not a member of the ten-year club which probably makes us both happy. Any underwear stories or experiences you’d like to share with the world?

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