THERMAL, CA - APRIL 13: A general view of atmosphere at Day 2 of the LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party on April 13, 2014 in Thermal, California. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for LACOSTE)

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Swimming pools traditionally open on Memorial Day weekend so I thought some swimming pool facts might be something to have some fun with.

Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

  • How about an 8.9-acre swimming pool? That would be located in Casablanca, Morocco. It’s called the Orthlieb Pool and it’s 1,574 feet long and 246 feet wide and filled with seawater.
  • The world’s largest pool, according to Guinness World Records, was built in Algarrobo, Chile in December of 2006. The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool is 3,324 feet long and covers 19.7 acres.
  • Nemo 33, in Brussels, Belgium is the deepest indoor pool in the world with a depth of 113 feet. It’s kept at a very comfortable 86 degrees so divers do not need wet suits to protect them from hypothermia.
  • You could fill every swimming pool in America with the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in just three days.
  • If you took all the water in those same pools and put it in San Francisco it would cover the entire city to a depth of seven feet. Sounds like a plan.
  • The 38 million soft drinks sold each year by 7-Eleven stores would fill 51 Olympic size swimming pools.
  • Floating gambling tables are in swimming pools at some Las Vegas hotels.
  • Evidence of swimming was found in Egypt as far back as 2,000 B.C.
  • The Titanic was the first ocean liner to boast a swimming pool and a gym.
  • President Gerald Ford had the first out door, in ground swimming pool installed on the White House grounds in 1975.
  • Depending on size, and Olympic swimming pool can hold anywhere from 700,000 to 850,000 gallons of water.
  • People do more than swim in pools. The first swimming pool filtration system was installed in 1910. Thank Goodness.
  • The turbo pump on the Space Shuttle main engine is so powerful it could drain an average family-sized swimming pool in 25 seconds.
  • Before 24/7 news feeds, President Andrew Jackson enjoyed early morning “skinny dipping” in the Potomac River. He also enjoyed wedding and planting in the White House garden. A president can get a lot done when there is no NSA, IRS, or VA problems.

Some Final Thoughts

Swimming is a great exercise because the buoyancy of the water reduces your body weight by almost 90%. This makes the exercise low impact on bones and joints. You can burn up to 650 calories during an hour swim — more than walking for biking.

One of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, is reported to have been and excellent swimmer as a teen and even invented swim fins that has made out of wood. See you at the pool.

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