We’ve been hearing a lot in the recent Republican debates about something called “New York City Values.”

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are battling that topic. One wearing them as a badge of honor while the other views them with contempt.

Who’s right? I guess it’s anyone’s guess.

Not sure you would find a lot of positives about New York Values on the mean streets of Montana.

But here are some fun facts you might not know about The Big Apple.

Fun Facts About New York

  • The Duke of York gave what was then the city of “New Amsterdam” to his son as an 18th birthday present. Being a kid he renamed it after himself giving it the family name of “New York.”
  • New York City was the first US Capital in 1789 but cooler heads prevailed and changed that.
  • In today’s dollars the island of Manhattan would have cost the American Indians about $1,000. A dollar just doesn’t buy what it did in 1626. That’s inflation for ya.
  • New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do worldwide. I think they are taking “a bite out of the big apple” too seriously.
  • Ladies feel free to take your top off in New York City. It’s not illegal. Another law we need to repeal in Montana.
  • How does NYC keep train tracks free of ice in winter? Setting them on fire of course. Must take a lot of BBQ starter.
  • If you’re planning a trip to NYC better bring everything you need. No Walmart in the city.
  • Starbuck’s anyone? New Yorker’s drink 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US. No wonder they are biting each other. Talk about hyper.
  • Famous physicist Albert Einstein’s eyes are kept in a box in NYC. My question would be — why? And where’s the brain?
  • You’ll have no problem communicating in NYC. There are only about 800 languages spoken there. More than any other city.
  • New York is home to the 2nd largest Polish population. Warsaw is first.
  • Suicides outnumber murders in New York. Talk about being your own worst enemy.
  • New York is home to a skyscraper with no windows. Must be where they keep Einstein’s eyes.
  • NYC homeowners can request a tree to be planted outside their homes for free.

Some Final Thoughts

I have never been to New York City but I have seen it on TV. Too many people, too much traffic for me to live there.

Maybe I could just hang around and see if Megan Kelly or Donald Trump shows up. That might be a tourist attraction worth my time.

Any experiences about New York City we need to know?

Comments below.

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