Every fall there is at least one or more hospital shows on TV.

We love our doctors fighting all types of diseases while carrying on a torrid love affair or two.

Talk about multitasking.

But real life medical folks work really hard to keep us all breathing and upright. In spite of our questionable behavior.

Here are some fun facts about those dedicated guardians of our health.

Fun Facts About Hospitals

  • Sir James Matthew Barrie is the creator of Peter Pan. After it’s success Barrie donated all the royalties to a children’s hospital to help with funding it.
  • For some people a fast withdrawal from alcohol can be fatal. For that reason some hospitals keep a supply of beer on hand — some even have prescription labels.
  • German hospitals often have a brewrey right on the hospital grounds. Many patients were treated to a brewski at bedtime. Doctor’s orders.
  • After getting input from 250 kids on hospital design the results came in. NO CLOWNS. Every kid polled had a dislike or fear of clowns.
  • A Dutch Princess must be born either born in the Netherlands or in international territory. Ottawa, Canada became just that in 1940 for the birth of the princess. Each year Canada receives tulips to show their appreciation.
  • A Texas woman was billed $4,800 for a hospital stay following an accident in 2012. When the hospital found that she was awarded a big insurance settlement they upped the bill to a hefty $20,000. They also filed a property lien to make sure they got their pound of flesh.
  • Don’t try faking an “out of body” At least 25 American and European hospitals have posted visual messages that can only be read from above. They are trying to keep an on going experiment honest.
  • A Chinese man went to a hospital for stomach pain. Imagine his (or in this case her) surprise when the diagnosis was a large, benign ovarian cyst. Talk about gender confusion. Caitlyn anyone?
  • Who was the first president to be born in a hospital? — The would be former President Jimmy Carter.
  • I see big bucks in your future. Could a CAT scan cause you to lose your psychic powers? A Philadelphia woman sued Temple University Hospital in 1976 for her loss and was awarded $988,000. I guess she didn’t see that coming.
  • A drinking and driving conundrum. We are told not to drink and drive yet you are less likely to die in the hospital with booze in your blood. The more you have the higher your chances of survival. Maybe you don’t need that one for the road.

Some Final Thoughts

I guess a stint in the hospital is hardly fun. But there is no denying that some funny stuff can happen there as well. I hope you all stay healthy and happy but if you do end up there know you are in good hands.

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