Photo by VOLODYMYR GRINKO - Source ThinkStock
Photo by VOLODYMYR GRINKO - Source ThinkStock

Every now and then it’s fun to go off topic and just look at some weird, funny, interesting facts that aren’t related in any way.

Fun Facts About Fun Facts

  • The final wish of the last man executed by firing squad in the US? A bulletproof vest of course.
  • Women are culturally and biologically attracted to a man wearing a red shirt. FYI guys.
  • Amazon’s not perfect. A man who ordered a TV got a semi-automatic rifle instead. Wonder if it’s Wi-Fi?
  • Supposedly it’s perfectly legal to film police officers doing their duties in public with your cell phone and they are not allowed to view the footage without a warrant.
  • Muhammad Ali once invited Billy Crystal to go for a run at a local country club. Crystal told Ali that Jews were restricted so Ali never went to that club again.
  • A boy and his dog. Side by side footprints were found in a French Cave dating back 26,000 years. It’s assumed that the boy has a dog-wolf pet. But there is also no proof the dog-wolf didn’t eat the kid.
  • Talk about party animal. A 17 year old wanted to hold a massive party against the wishes of his parents. Solution: Kill the parents and lock them in a bedroom and party on Wayne.
  • Canadians make a candy treat called d’érable. Maple syrup is poured on snow them rolled onto sticks. Not recommended for yellow snow.
  • Your microwave oven uses more power to run its clock timer than it does to heat your food.
  • Women with high IQ’s find it harder to find a mate. Not because they are smarter, they are just wise enough not to spend their lives with the wrong guy.
  • New York City residents can request a free tree be planted outside their homes.
  • In 1972 the first digital watches sold for around $11,000 in today’s dollars. By the end of the 70s, just 8 years later, you could pick one up for less then $10.00.
  • In 1923, Bobbie the Wonder Dog got lost during a family trip in Indiana. Six months later Bobbie showed up at his Oregon home having walked 2,500 miles across the Rocky Mountains in the dead of winter.
  • The inventor of Doritos requested that a bag be buried with him. I’m sure they will still be good if he’s ever exhumed.

Some Finals Thoughts

People are amazing and do amazing things. You never know when you might be the topic on Friday Fun Facts. So go do some amazing things this week.

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