SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOVEMBER 03: A McRib sign is seen at a McDonald's restaurant on November 3, 2010 in San Francisco, California. The sandwich arrived on the menu for the first time since 1994 and is offered at all McDonald's nationwide for a limited time until December 5, 2010. The McRib was first introduced in 1981. (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you with the buzz word “cult.” Cults are described as, a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.” Our “fast food cult members” are pretty harmless unless you happen to be blocking the way to their favorite eatery. So you can be safe in the knowledge that no “cult member” is going to show up at your house burning French Fries on your front lawn to send some kind of deranged message.

Today’s exercise in fun facts focuses on those groups of people who have a misplaced or excessive admiration for particular types of fast foods. We begin with one of my personal favorites.

White Castle Sliders

The nearest White Castle during my youth was in St. Louis, Missouri. White Castle, not McDonald’s, was the first fast food chain to sell 1 billion burgers. Not too hard when you have to buy a dozen at a time. Well, you don’t have to buy a dozen but most people do. At least we did in my more youthful days.

White Castle “sliders” are small, slightly bigger than bite size, but about ¼ the size of other fast food burgers.

If you are a “sliders” fan you might want apply to the “White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.” Don’t get your hope too high though. Fewer than 200 have made the cut of the more than 7,600 frenzied applicants.

In N Out Burgers

I wrote about the mystic of “In N Out Burger” a few weeks ago but here’s a short refresher course on this amazing franchise.

What sets this place apart is 100% fresh stuff. No frozen beef, hand leafed lettuce, fresh tomatoes and fresh potatoes all made fresh to order one at time.

Nothing is ever microwaved, or frozen to camped out under some heat lamp setup. People line up for these burgers and their followers accept nothing less than the In N Out perfection.

The McRib

Specific fast food items also have a cult following. The McDonald’s “McRib Sandwich” is one of those items. Many fast food places offer limited or promotional food to test consumer likeability.

The McRib first came on the scene in 1981 and quickly developed a cult following of Mc Rib lovers. The uncertain availablility keeps the cult members on their toes keeping tabs on when McRib will come back and even staging national and regional  “McRib Farewell Tours” when it goes.

Whataburger Burgers

Whataburger is a family run business started in 1960. Long time franchisees own a few stores but about 80 percent are still family owned. What sets them apart from your average burger joint? How about 37,000 menu choices for your burger?

Can’t exactly claim I didn’t get it my way can you?

While most fast food franchises want you to eat and get out there is a “laidback” attitude at Whataburger. They like you to hang around and relax.


This fast food chain made some news about their religious beliefs last year but they are showing no signs of slowing down. While they have fewer than half as many locations as KFC, their chief competitor, and being closed on Sundays so workers can attend religious services, they do about $800 more in sales than their KFC rivals.

USA Today claims that a Chick-fil-A sandwich is just about as good a fast food chicken sandwich as you can get anywhere.

Sonic Shakes

Nothing like a nice thick, cold shake on a hot summer evening and Sonic Shakes are a national favorite. How can you miss with flavors like Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Cheesecake, Cherry Cheesecake, Coconut Cream Pie, and all made with real ice cream? Pick one up for half price if you are out after 8 PM during the summer months.

Five Guys Burgers

No college for you? No problem. Take the tuition money and open a burger joint. That’s what founder Jerry Murrell did and people lined up.

Like In N Out Burger, all beef and ingredients are fresh and made to order. Try their tasty French Fries prepared in Peanut Oil.

Some Final Thoughts

Let’s face Friday Fun Facts. We all have our favorite foods that we just can’t get enough of. It might be a fast food sandwich, or a special dessert that only one place can make it perfectly.

What food or restaurant has no equal in your eyes?