Most of us hate bugs. First on my list after spiders and wasps are the dreaded cockroaches.

I remember the first apartment my wife and I rented as a couple in San Diego.

It was a refurbished motel and there were roaches everywhere. We didn’t realize this before moving in.

We spent more on Roach Motels than we did on food those first years.

Here are several reasons why they are here and why they will still be here long after we’re gone.

Fun Facts About Cockroaches

  • We’ve all heard that roaches can live for weeks with no head. Turns out that’s true. Without a head they eventually die of starvation. With food the head can survive for some time also. (Source)
  • People in Bozeman are not like people in Livingston. It’s the same with roaches. They might even have different DNA from one neighborhood to the next. (Source)
  • Much like humans, cockroaches become ill and get lonely if they don’t have companionship. Not sure if that includes human companionship or not. (Source)
  • The newly ID’d Periplaneta Japonica species of cockroach is just as comfortable indoors as out. Even in below freezing temps. So now I have to shovel snow and roaches?? (Source)
  • The technical and scientific name for a group of cockroaches is called an intrusion. I would say that’s accurate. (Source)
  • Oh No! It’s the attack of the super mutant cockroaches from outer space. Yes it seems that roaches raised in space are bigger, stronger and nastier than the puny earth versions. (Source)
  • It’s bad enough they carry disease but they can also leave those nasty maladies behind when they shed their skin. (Source)
  • We ain’t afraid of no meteor. A big one wiped out dinosaurs but not cockroaches. Perhaps being around for 120 million years before the dinosaur helped. (Source)
  • In the too much info department, it seems that cockroaches are one of the league leaders in the flatulence field. I knew you’d want to know. Maybe it’s confined to the British breed. Brexit…Hummmm. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

I know you feel better knowing that you’re battling a species that’s been around longer than air.

Take it from my personal experience you will not come out on top.

However they really are a miracle of evolution and survival.

Which is why there is a slight hesitation before I bash their little brains out with a sledgehammer.

Anyone like to bid on some slightly used Roach Motels?

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