Even if you've heard of this eastern Montana gem, I bet there are dozens of incredible things you may not know about Makoshika State Park. Although it's vastly different than more popular National and State parks, as Montana's largest state park - there are plenty of attractions and WAY FEWER PEOPLE. 

Makoshika State Park really might be Montana's coolest state park. Here are several facts that most people don't know about this huge park near Glendive, Montana. Dinosaurs are a BIG DEAL at Makoshika:

The park’s landscape is part of the late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation. Over ten different dinosaur species have been discovered in Makoshika. Significant discoveries include a complete Triceratops horridus skull, the fossil remains of Edmontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex, and a nearly complete skeleton of the rare Thescelosaur.


  • Park size is 11,538 acres and the average elevation is 2,415 feet.
  • Makoshika Music & Arts Festival 2023 is happening on Saturday, September 16th, 2023.
  • There is an outdoor amphitheater within Makoshika State Park
  • Classes, clubs, and groups can schedule field trips to the park
  • Makoshika is part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail (which has 'stops' across the whole state)
  • "The name Makoshika (Ma-ko'-shi-ka) is a variant spelling of a Lakota phrase meaning 'bad land' or 'bad earth'."
  • There's a disc golf course inside the park!


Earth Day events, Full Moon Hikes, Trivia in the Park, Youth Programs, National Trails Day, Paleo Experience, Buzzard Days, Lakota Legends, and many more events are being held in the park this year.


You can rent camping spots, cabins, and yurts in various sizes within the park. This park also has tipis that you can rent. Keep in mind that all reservations for state park camping options goes through the same portal.

Makoshika State Park 2 - Facebook
Makoshika State Park 2 - Facebook

Although this Montana state park is well known for it's dinosaur fossils and other pieces of geological history, there is no digging allowed by park-goers. The visitor's center can give you lots of info on things to see and appropriate ways to enjoy all the cool stuff that's sometimes hidden in plain sight.

Montana’s largest state park features badland formations and the fossil remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and other prehistoric life. You’ll find a visitor center at the park entrance with interpretive exhibits great for all ages.

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