If you ever need proof of a higher power just take a bite of some dark chocolate. There are few kinds of chocolate I don’t care for.

Some can be a little bitter but most just makes me close my eyes and enter some kind of euphoric state of mind.

Here’s a couple of facts that might make you want to run out and pick up a couple of bars of your favorite flavor.

Fun Facts About Chocolate

  • Are you relaxed or stressful right now? Well just put that chocolate bar under your nose and your theta brain waves will do the rest. Relax. (Source)
  • Technically speaking there is no chocolate in white Chocolate. It has no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. But it will maintain solidity at room temperature. (Source)
  • A moment of silence for the 400 cacao beans that gave their lives so you could enjoy that pound of Chocolate. (Source)
  • Nestle thought that the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie was valuable enough to give inventor Ruth Wakefield a lifetime supply of chocolate as payment. (Source)
  • Patriotic Candy? M&M’s were developed in 1941 because soldiers needed a source of chocolate that wouldn’t melt easily. Another idea we stole from the British. (Source)
  • American’s love their chocolate. We eat 100 pounds every second. (Source)
  • OK Americans dig in. Imagine a chocolate bar weighing 12,770 pounds. The British again getting in the Guinness Book of World Records. (Source)
  • The very lucky Milton Hershey founded the Hershey Company famous for the Hershey Bar. Why was he so lucky? Because of urgent business matters he and his wife were not able to set sail on the Titanic. (Source)
  • You could reduce your risk of heart disease by one third by eating dark chocolate daily. (Source)
  • Believe it or not chocolate has anti-bacterial properties that can protect your mouth from tooth decay. So much for that sugar crap from your mother. (Source)
  • What a waste of Chocolate. In 2013 you could get a limited edition of chocolate flavored stamps in Belgium. A country famous for its chocolate. (Source)
  • Never eat 40 Hershey bars (22 Pounds) in one sitting. That would be a lethal dose of Chocolate for a human being. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that chocolate is safe in certain quantities. You don’t want to get too much of a good thing. Otherwise it’s not a good thing.

So have a little chocolate now and then and enjoy it. A chocolate a day keeps the dentist away.

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