One reason I moved to Montana was the short summer. That probably sounds contrary to most people's thinking.

People love summer. — The warm days, all the greenery, and the abundance of wildlife. No warming up the car, no shoveling snow, or windshield scraping.

My Five Reasons Summer Sucks

  1. Mowing: I hate it. Every week I have to crank up the ole mower and take a good 45 minutes to an hour making my palatial estate look pristine. It never does.
  2. Planting: You don’t stay married 33 years by telling the wife, “Let’s not plant anything this year.” Those words are not in any woman’s vocabulary. Planting is inbred.
  3. Watering: I know, I should just bite the bullet and put a permanent sprinkler system in, but it’s really hard to justify the cost. So I battle the hose and move the sprinkler every few hours.
  4. Sunburn: Being fair skinned, sunburn in the spring and summer is always a risk. I have to take a bath in sunscreen if I plan to spend anytime outside. I’ve never gotten sunburned in December.
  5. Lawn Service. I don’t pay any one to fertilize my snow during the winter but if you don’t want a yard full of weeds and dandelions then either I have to do it or hire it done because the same person who loves planting also likes that nice green grass. Somehow the snow always manages to get just the right shade of white without any extra expense.

Some Final Thoughts

Maybe I’m being a little hard on summer. It’s not such a bad season, I guess. But you have to admit everyone enjoys that first big snowfall and the Christmas Stroll.

The Bite of Bozeman, while well attended, just doesn’t have the same pizzazz.

I guess I’ll just suffer through another hot, dry, dusty, overrated summer along with the rest of you.

Do you have five reasons I should like summer?

Comments below.


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