Sometimes the talk on AM 1450's morning show gets hot, but today it was on fire.

After today's show a small fire broke out in the studio. After three hours of talk, I thought it would be nice to have a Pop-Tart. On the box it said to set the microwave for 3 seconds. I accidentally set it for 3 minutes.

I suddenly found myself in a room full of smoke. Dark, thick, white smoke. I ran to the microwave, opened the door and found my Pop-Tart on fire.

Not fearing for my life, I grabbed the burning Pop-Tart and tried to throw it outside the building. As I got to our front door, Ally from XL Country was walking by my studio.

Fire! Fire!

Suddenly all the people who work at AM 1450 were running around trying to see what was burning. I yelled the fire is out, I have got the Pop-Tart out of the building! But even with smoking Pop-Tart gone, the cloud from the microwave was still pouring out.

Open a window! Suddenly the windows were open and fans where rushed into the studio and halls to get rid of the seemingly deadly smoke.

I am happy to say everything is okay. The smoke is gone and I have learned a valuable lesson. Don't put Pop-Tarts in the microwave for 3 minutes.


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