Soon it will be road trip season here in Montana with locals and tourists alike getting into their vehicles and hitting the highways.

Road trips in Montana can be some of the best times you can share with family and friends. I mean, when you are traveling across the 4th biggest state in the nation, you are sure to find all kinds of fun things to do and see. From the plains of the eastern part of the state to the mountains in the west, when it comes to Montana, often pictures don't do it justice.

Plus, there are all the snacks and fun games to be played that come with road trips.

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Now compared to last year, gas prices aren't near as high, but they're still higher than a lot of Montanans are comfortable with paying.  Currently, a regular gallon of gas will cost you 3.49 on average here in Montana according to AAA.


So what's the actual difference between this year and last?  Well, almost a buck-fifty.

In June of last year, we were paying 4.97 a gallon on average here in Montana, which certainly was a factor in how much and how far folks were willing to travel.  And while we are paying a lot less, you can still plan on paying between 70 to 100 bucks per tank depending on your vehicle.


Having said that, Montana is still one of the cheapest states in the region.  In fact, the only state in our area that is cheaper than Montana is our friends over in Wyoming with an average price of 3.43 a gallon.

Are you planning on traveling this summer? Where in Montana are some must-see sports?

Here's The Top 10 Tourists Sites For Those Visiting Montana

Montana is known by several nicknames. Big Sky Country, The Treasure State, and the Last Best Place to name just a few. Each year, millions of folks travel to Montana to partake in its beauty, while often seeking adventure in the outdoors. From skiing to rafting, fly fishing, to snowmobiling, Montana can certainly be described as an outdoor paradise.

No matter the season, there is always something to see and do in Montana. Here's a look at The Top 10 Tourists Sites For Those Visiting Montana.

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