Flu vaccines have always been dreaded by those who hate shots, but this year a company called PharmaJet introduced a device that uses “a high-pressure steam of liquid to pierce the skin and deliver the vaccine.” The needle-phobics rejoiced.

But now the FDA is saying, Not so fast.

“The FDA has no data to support the safety or effectiveness” of flu vaccines delivered by jet injector, an alert issued Friday reads. The agency also told doctors, nurses and pharmacists not to use such devices to administer flu vaccines.

While the PharmaJet itself is FDA-approved, FDA spokeswoman Shelley Burgess said, “Vaccines are labeled with specific instructions for how those vaccines should be administered. At this time, there are no vaccines for the prevention of influenza disease that are approved by the FDA for administration by jet injector.”

But all is not lost for those who truly fear needles. The nasal spray FluMist is always an FDA-approved option for your annual vaccine.

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