The Spacecraft Voyager 1 is nearing its exit of our Solar System. Launched in 1977, this spacecraft has been on it's journey for 33 years and is just now escaping our tiny collection of planets making it the farthest any spacecraft has gone!

We forgot to mention it is traveling at 38,000 miles an hour as well. With little to no wind resistance we could see how this is possible but after 33 years of flight!


Scientists believe Voyager 1 has not crossed the heliosheath into interstellar space. Crossing into interstellar space would mean a sudden drop in the density of hot particles and an increase in the density of cold particles. Scientists are putting the data into their models of the heliosphere's structure and should be able to better estimate when Voyager 1 will reach interstellar space. Researchers currently estimate Voyager 1 will cross that frontier in about four years.


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