Countless movies have been made about alien life forms visiting our planet.

Everything from the Star Wars movies to Independence Day 1 &2, to the iconic War of The Worlds, have documented various versions of bad aliens hell bent on taking over planet Earth.

But is that realistic?

What Would Aliens Want That We Have?

You might answer, “All our natural resources of course!” OK, let’s do the math.

Assuming we are talking about an advanced civilization that can travel across huge distances of space and time what resources could they possibly need that we’d have?

Water might be the only real universal commodity that worlds might have in common. Life as we know it would disappear pretty quickly without a plentiful supply of H2O.

Let’s Eliminate The Obvious

I’m guessing they wouldn’t be using anything as primitive as fossil fuels for propulsion and would probably have something much more advanced than our primitive electricity.

In War of the Worlds bacteria finally brought down the aliens. They had an immune deficiency to our common cold.

We’d probably have that going for us.

Food – Minerals?

Our food could be as dangerous to aliens as some human foods are to animals. Plus hauling it back to their planet would have some storage issues and freshness.

But maybe they’re advanced enough to overcome those challenges.

Have we put an ear of corn in space to see what happens to it? I’ll get back to you on that.

Minerals would probably be out too. Surely they would be way past coal. All the known mined gold in the world is about the size of the Baxter Hotel in downtown Bozeman. That’s hardly worth the trip.

I would also bet they moved way beyond eating animal flesh for nutrition so our fish, cows, pigs, horses, sheep and pigs would be safe.

Some Final Thoughts

I think the earth is pretty safe from alien invasion. If by some chance they monitored our TV shows and newscasts they would more than likely fly right past us.

No evidence of intelligent life on that planet they would probably say.

So if by some remote chance E.T. might show up would you throw a block party or break out the long rifles?

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