Tampa Prepares For Republican National Convention And Potential Hurricane
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Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, Florida has been in the news the past week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. They may be temporarily down but they are not out.

Here are a few facts that you might not have known about the 27th state in the union.

Fabulous Fan Facts About Florida

  • Florida was the first state visited by Europeans. Juan Ponce de Leon named Florida that in Spanish means “flowery land.” (Source)
  • While Florida might have the nickname “The Sunshine State” Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Colorado all have more days of sunshine. (Source)
  • Florida passed New York in 2014 to become the third most populous state following California and Texas. (Source)
  • It’s been said that you are never more than 6 feet from a spider. In Florida you are never more than 60 miles from a body of salt water. (Source)
  • Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city by area in the United States lower 48, and the most populous city in Florida. (Source)
  • In our “You can’t make this stuff up” section: Imagine you’re attending a Florida crime watch meeting in 1994 and a 75 pound bag of cocaine falls out of a passing plane into the middle of your group. Gives new meaning to getting bombed. (Source)
  • The fashion police are alive and well in Florida. Don’t even think about going out in public clothed in liquid latex. (Source)
  • There goes the neighborhood: Harris Rosen, a millionaire, adopted an urban neighborhood and set up family daycare, upped the high school graduation rate by 75 percent and cut the neighborhood crime rate in half. (Source)
  • A 15-year old boy inspired by the hijackers from 9/11, stole an airplane and flew it into a skyscraper in Tampa, Florida in 2002. He was the only death. (Source)
  • New advances in “the dog ate my homework” excuse — A Florida man was accused of downloading child porn in 2009. He claimed his cat was guilty of the nefarious downloads — not him. (Source)
  • It’s perfectly legal to smash car windows in Florida to save pets from overheating. (Source)
  • Florida is the flattest state in the United States. Sorry Kansas. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

Florida and the east coast are going to be going through some rough times in the next few months as they work to rebuild their coastlines damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

If you do wish to donate to help those in need please do your homework and make sure you’re donating to a legitimate charity or cause.

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people who are more than glad to take your money under false pretenses.

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