Finding your soul mate is hard because the heart knows reason of which reason knows not (or whatever it was the Pascal said).

Well, what if we told you that you could find love with the ease of filling out forms in your doctor's office?

Well, the team at AsapScience decided to test out an old theory that two strangers could speed up the road to falling in love by asking each other three dozen questions. It's like eHarmony before eHarmony annoyed us with its commercials.

The questions increase in intensity in an attempt to get closer to the other person in ways you may not normally do until you take a prospective partner home to meet your parents.

Then comes the really hard part. After all the questions have been asked, the strangers have to spend four minutes looking into each other's eyes, a kind of awkwardness on the level of whether or not there should be a first kiss at the end of the first date.

Take a look at how the couple in this experiment fared and then feel free to dissect what's good, bad or utterly ridiculous about this idea.

And if you can really fall in love asking a total stranger 36 questions then how come you're not engaged to the genius at the Apple bar you've been pestering to explain how to get your bluetooth on your phone to properly work?

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